Ordinals exchange and marketplace. Inscription data explorer. BRC20 TAP TRAC BRC100 exchange. Layer 2 scaling. BitMap creator. Ordinals API


About the BitScape mint

About the Alpha Pass

Here you can create, claim, and distribute tokens
Bitscape currently in an early alpha product phase, with many features being hidden or available to only a select few.

To take advantage of our latest innovations, make sure you are holding an BitScape alpha pass ordinal. These will be made available with very limited features in early February 2024.

$BFI Token

Airdropping live in 2 days

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BitScape Timeline

  • Early platform launch
    Ordinals ecosystem parnerships
    NFT collab drops
  • $BFI token L2 launch
    Ordinals explorer launch
    Partnership building
  • Developer onboarding
    $BFI token L2 bridge
    Inscrption launchpad
    Organic marketing campaign
  • Gasless payments l2 alpha deploy
    Exchange early access to alpha pass holders
    Bitmap Explorer alpha launch
  • OrangeGem airdrop to Bitmap Holders
    Bitmap Explorer public launch
    BRC20/BRC100/TAP launchpad
    Ordinals AMM launch
    NFT Marketplace Alpha launch
  • Bitscape public launch
    DEX / Swap public launch
    UTXO consolidator/deposits
    Derivatives trading alpha launch
  • Bot/Strategy arena early launch
    Atomic margin loans launch
    NFT Marketplace public launch
    Partnership program launch Alpha BitNote launch
  • Feed development and creation on this ecosystem
    Explore all solutions to scaling ecosystem
  • Developer grant program
    Become ecosystem standard.
  • Continue to feed the Ordinals ecosystem, fund innovation, and create dope shit.
This information is subject to change.